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Video Shows How Fast The Tesla Cybertruck Is

Watch Tesla Cybertruck launch accelerating from a standstill.


Electric vehicles, particularly those from Tesla, are characterized by their rapid acceleration, powered by electric motors that can deliver their maximum torque in a fraction of a second. Tesla's Cybertruck has now impressively proven this.

A video recently published by user Stumby in the Cybertruck Owners Club impressively shows how the Cybertruck starts from a standstill and leaves all other vehicles behind at an intersection.

The original specifications that Tesla released for the Cybertruck indicate that the base version of the electric pickup can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour, or just under 100 kilometers per hour, in just over 6.5 seconds. The top version with three motors can do this in a breathtaking 2.9 seconds. However, it is unclear which version of the Cybertruck the video is about.

Cybertruck's impressive performance

The acceleration of the Cybertruck is particularly impressive through two small observations in the video. About half a car length behind there is a Ford pick-up to the right of the Cybertruck, which can be seen at the end of the video in the same lane as the Cybertruck when it has almost disappeared from the picture. So when he started driving, he was clearly at a disadvantage. And the videographer's car, itself a Tesla, clearly lost out. No wonder the last words of the recording are “I want a Cybertruck!”

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