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V8 Mustang and BMW Owner Says Why He Prefers Toyota Prius Over These Favorites

Toyota has made an impressive change in the new 2023 Prius taking it from "boring" to remarkable.

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The Toyota Prius has undergone a remarkable evolution since its inception. In 1997, it made history as the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, setting the stage for a revolution in automotive technology. Subsequent years brought significant improvements, with a complete redesign in 2003 that introduced the Toyota Hybrid System II, marking a pivotal moment in the Prius's journey.

In 2005, the Prius solidified its place in the market, selling over 107,000 units in the U.S. alone, thanks to innovations like a new stop-start system for improved urban emissions and enhanced fuel efficiency. Fast forward to 2023, and the Prius continues to evolve, becoming larger, more powerful, and refined, showcasing Toyota's commitment to sustainable driving. The evolutionary journey continues, with each model building on the success and lessons of its predecessors.

A V8 Mustang and BMW owner Cliff Warren has commented under The Fast Lane Car's Prius review on Youtube and writes: "As someone who has owned lots of V8 Mustangs, lots of V8 pickups, BMWs new and old, even a British two-seat ragtop, a Mini, and probably some I've forgot, I truly love my Gen2 2007 Prius."

Warren gives great reasons in which areas the Prius is preferable over the V8 Mustang and other vehicles mentioned above. He says people who have never really lived with one have no idea, and instead have a bunch of pre-conceived notions.

"I happen to like the fact that there is no hydraulic power steering to leak, no starter motor to fix, no alternator, and only one tiny belt to drive the water pump. The AC runs off the battery, so when stopped at a stop light it just keeps on going with no lagging the engine. Just drive it and super easy to park. I do believe there is an NC or ND Miata in my future but right now the Prius is just a great car for my commute," Warrent writes.

I love my 2012 Third-Gen Prius and, to me, it's one of the handsomest cars ever made. I personally think the Gen 2 Prius style has aged well - a really cool uncool car. But here are 5 must-have addtions to Gen 2 Prius, to make it cool again.

Compared to the 3rd gen, the new Prius is the clear winner, but the 4th gen has so much more headroom and legroom in the back seat and the trunk, while marginally larger on paper, is laid out to be far larger.

The 2023 new Prius looks fine, and its truly is a vehicle, desirable beyond MPG. These days it's just difficult to get excited about the vast majority of cars on the market. But the 2023 Prius is a rare exception.

Do you like the new 2023? What are the pros and cons, highs and lows for you regarding the new Toyota Prius? Please, share your opinion in the comments section below for Torque News community discussion.

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