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Tesla Plans Solar Roof Launch in Australia and Megapack Sales in Israel

According to some reports, Tesla now wants to be more active in two countries with particularly interesting conditions when it comes to the solar roof and Megapack sales.

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Australia is on the one hand a raw material and coal country, on the other hand, one of the sunniest in the world. That is why private and industrial photovoltaic construction is increasingly gaining ground there. This is why Tesla made a name for itself in 2017 with its first large storage battery for the power grid.

At that time it was the largest in the world and was later expanded by another 50 percent. Tesla's partner Neoen has just been awarded the contract for a battery pack that is about twice as powerful in the country, which is also to be implemented with Tesla storage systems.

In addition, Tesla's photovoltaic product Solar Roof is to be launched in Australia. These roof tiles with integrated solar modules are currently only available in the USA, and even there only in some regions. But CEO Elon Musk calls it Tesla's next killer product. And according to a local report, Australia could become the first overseas market for the solar roof, reports Teslamag.

The construction group CSR expects strong growth for its building services subsidiary Bradford through its association with Tesla, Australian Financial Review reported last week. According to that report, Tesla is currently preparing the launch of the Solar Roof in Australia. Tests and approval by the authorities are still required for this. This process is now about halfway through, according to the report.

Tesla's Energy Storage Division Is Active in Israel

Also, Tesla is now apparently targeting yet another sunny electricity market with, particularly favorable conditions - not on the generation side, but on the storage side. Tesla's energy storage division has started operations in Israel and is preparing to participate in several large tenders for storage parks, reports the local publication Globes. Talks with private companies about the installation of Megapack batteries are already at an advanced stage.

Israel is one of the countries that relied on solar power early on - and thanks to plenty of sun, it also delivers high yields there. By 2030, 30 percent of the country's total electricity needs are to be covered by renewable sources. The need for storage is correspondingly high by then. According to a report by Energy Storage, the head of the local energy authority put it at 2 gigawatt hours of output with 8 gigawatt hours of capacity. Tesla is likely to try to get a decent piece of this cake - as is the case with its electric cars, which are preferably delivered to countries that are currently offering a particularly favorable environment.

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