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The start up sound of EVs, Nissan Leafers prefer baby giggles

If you could choose the start up sound of your Nissan LEAF, what would it be? Most of the Nissan Leaf drivers who participated in this mini poll chose Baby Giggles, including the author (not a Leaf driver), but there are some other interesting sounds they preferred.

Yesterday Nissan asked its LEAF fans if they could choose the start up sound for their Nissan LEAF what would it be. So far the top answer has been Baby Giggles. Indeed an interesting sound, isn't it?

The electric cars don't have a sounds or have very low sounds when the drivers start the car. For example, Chevy Volt is humming. Thus, there comes the need of creating an artificial sound so the driver knows the car is running.

Other winning choices for Nissan's poll were Crowd Cheering sound, Birds Tweeting and KITT from Knight Rider. But my favorite was a comment by Emily Parry, a Nissan Leaf fan, who wrote that she would prefer Majel Baret's voice tellingher "Engine's online."

The poll is still open for voting if anyone wants to vote for a preferred Nissan Leaf start up sound.