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Public Still Excited About Tesla Cybertruck, Torque News Poll Indicates

The Tesla Cybertruck has been the talk of the town since its official release in November 2019. Despite some fears that the price may increase, a recent Torque News poll has indicated that the public still has a lot of interest in the vehicle.


Torque News recently conducted a poll of 700 potential Cybertruck buyers to gauge their response to the possibility of a price increase for the vehicle. The results of the poll showed that 63 percent of respondents said they would still consider purchasing the Cybertruck if the price rose, while 20 percent of respondents said they would not. The remaining 16 percent of respondents said they were uncertain of what they would do if the price of the Cybertruck was to increase.

The poll results indicate that the Cybertruck still has a considerable amount of public interest, even among those who fear the price may increase. Tesla has not yet made any formal announcements on the possibility of a price hike for the Cybertruck, but the poll suggests that the company could likely expect to retain a large number of interested buyers in the event that it decides to raise the price.

Collin MacMillan commented under Torque News poll and wrote that as a reservation holder, he would expect a purchase price similar to the offered price. "That said, I have confidence Tesla's Cybertruck pricing will be market competitive. Likewise, resale value for a 2024 CT will hold-up well for 18-14 months," MacMillan wrote.

Other people think that anything below $100K for a vehicle of quality and capability of the Cybertruck is bargain. Do you think so? Honestly, I wouldn't compare it in the range of anything below $100K because of the F-150 Lightning is much less expensive Tesla should consider the price of the Cybertruck to be market competitive.

What pricing would you pay for a Cybertruck?

The Cybertruck is sure to be a game-changer in the automotive industry. Its unique features, such as the armored body, will make it stand out from the competition. However, the biggest question on everyone's mind is how much will the Tesla Cybertruck cost? We will just have to wait and see what Tesla has in store for us.

Armen Hareyan is the founder and the Editor in Chief of Torque News. He founded in 2010, which since then has been publishing expert news and analysis about the automotive industry. He can be reached at Torque News Twitter, Facebok, Linkedin and Youtube.