Tesla superchargers in Greensboro Sheetz gas station
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Why Sheetz Tesla Supercharger Combo Is a Good News and Expanding

Sheetz, which recently started adding Tesla Superchargers to its gas stations now expand further first superchargers already spotted in Sheets locations in Greensboro, NC.

Sheets Tesla partnership, which was announced in September 2017, is a good news. "Spotted in Greensboro... Tesla Charging stations being installed at Sheetz on Bridford Parkway," gladly exclaimed a user named Ceburton on Tesla Reddit. He also shared this picture, share with this story, on Imgur.

This is a good news for EV owners, and in this case for Tesla owners. I think the Sheetz Tesla partnership is the first and so far largest partnership of gas stations who are more than gas stations, provide charging and food services to EV owners.

This makes good sense. While people enter Sheetz to get something to eat, this will give them enough time to charge their electric vehicles. I expect other large gas stations, that largely monetize using in-store food sales to follow the example of Sheetz. In fact, QT may be the next.

Here are few opinions from the group discussions. Tesla owners are generally excited and see a great value in this move.

Sheetz is seeing the value of having middle/upper middle class folks at their facility for 30 minutes? Brilliant! Love Sheetz! (Durham,NC checking in)
Pretty baffling to me other stores/restaurants haven't started to recognize this opportunity.

I love the Sheetz - Supercharger combo. They're either building brand new Sheetz or renovating older ones out here (NoVA). I'm a West Coast guy newish to VA and don't mind Sheetz one bit!

If you see Tesla Superchargers or EV chargers appearing in your local gas stations, please let us know and write about it in the comments section below. It's a good news for EV owners.

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This just in, Sheetz files for chapter 11. Electric cars are a joke....
FYI SHELL oil bought the largest charging network in the EU and are installing them all all their stations Europe. jokes on you
Dave I don't see any place reporting Sheetz filing for Chapter 11.
Sheetz and wawa both have charging stations up and running in many states. the wawa at 11701 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Chester, VA 23831 and one at 17663 Dartmouth Dr, Lewes, DE 19958. then have more sheetz locations like 5481 Robert C Byrd Dr, Mt Hope, WV 25880 and 39 Berlin Rd, Weston, WV 26452. They are also building a new one at the sheetz in Hickory NC
Wawa is also putting SuperChargers at existing gas stations.
A new Sheetz at 1720 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17015 has about 8 charging stations
Royal Farms has tesla superchargers at 108 Jackson Creek Rd in Grasonville MD. The also have 50 kw chargers at 15 locations in MD and 5 in DE; plus a 25kw charger just south of the Philly airport on I-95.