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Perhaps The Worst BMW i3 Accident, Man Walks Away Unharmed

Now that there are many talks on the internet and auto blogs about the BMW i3 recall because someone women don't wear seat-belts, hear this story. This is perhaps the worst BMW i3 accident I have ever seen and the man walked away unharmed. That tells a lot about the car's safety.


I got this image from a discussion on SF Bay Area BMW i3 Owners group (you have to be a group member to see it). One of the group members, named Guy Diehl, posted this image about another person from a different Facebook page with this writing.

"He was wearing his seat belt, and walked away from this. From the Facebook - BMW i3 World wide group. (Dale Song) I was involved in the craziest accident recently about 1 week ago and I extremely thankful to be able to share this with everyone especially in our i3 group. I was cut off exiting the freeway and unfortunately ran into a tree and totaled the i3. I'm happy to share this because if safety was ever a concern for anyone owning an i3 please rest assured.

"The i3 was definitely one of the reasons for walking out alive. Not only did I walk out alive literally walked out myself, I was pretty much unscathed just a few stitches, which isn't a bad trade off for life... Anyway, here are a picture of the devastating accident. Luckily no one was hurt and no passengers just me. It really makes you appreciate life after a potentially life altering accident. What an amazing feeling to escape death having the durability and safety of the i3. (The i3 sacrificed itself by design to save his life)," quotes Diehl.

As you may already know, two days ago BMWBlog (not associated with official BMW) announced that BMW will issue stop-sale / recall on all BMW i3 models sold in America. If you are a BMW i3 owner, please let us know what you think about the safety of this vehicle and your experience. you can write your opinions below in the comments section for discussion to make your voice heard for diversity reasons.

By the way, here is a nice BMM i3 review by Torque News reporter Denis Flierl that you may want to read.

Do people think of "Safe Cars" when talking about EV? Interesting story. What can you say about your EV's safety?


Levi (not verified)    November 22, 2017 - 9:16PM

Speaking of EV safety. The Chevy Volt is a top safety pick + and the bolt is a top safety pick (missed the plus due to headlights). Any modern car should be seen as safe compared to anything from 10 years ago. The only recent EV I can think of that was an EV before it was a decent car as a first priority is the i-Mev.