Nissan leaf manufacturer warranty vs extended warranty
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Nissan LEAF Manufacturer Warranty vs Dealer Extended Warranty Pros and Cons

Let's say you have a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on your 2015 Nissan LEAF and the dealership offers you the option to extended it to 10 years for more 2000 or so dollars, what are the pros vs cons of these two warranties and what can go wrong with a LEAF within 10 years.

The topic of Nissan LEAF manufacturer's warranty vs dealership's extended warranty is being actively discussed in Nissan LEAF Owners group on Facebook and here are few interesting responses from current LEAF owners if the extended warranty is worth taking.

Yes if Battery Replacement is Included

You need to ask if the extended warranty includes the batter. If it does what qualifies for the battery replacement. This is important because the battery replacement will probably be your main expense in owning of Nissan LEAF for 10 years. Battery replacement may cost you around 5000-6000 dollars when you need it. You have to be carefully and make sure if the battery replacement is covered with the extended warranty.

"I'm thinking of canceling my extended warranty," comments one person named Marcy. "I purchased my 2012 SL 3 weeks ago. I just hit 36,000 miles. The battery is not included in my extended warranty. And it is good for 4 years and 48 months. Leaf folks aren't reporting anything that falls under my warranty. It seems like a wastes of money to me."

Some extended warranty certifications are good for the complete inspection and provide extended drive-train warranty for 7 years. If you do lots of driving it might be worth it, if no, then it's your decision.

Some extended warranties come with the car from Nissan dealer. In my opinion if the LEAF extended warranty doesn't include the battery replacement then the odds of ever seeing a break even on your investment in that warranty is very low. If you can, pay the premium to yourself. You will probably come out ahead.

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