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Nissan Leaf Isn't for Everyone, But How It Can Work for Most People

Some people buy Nissan Leaf and hope to drive it without taking into consideration Leaf's mileage and driving limitations. Leaf is a car for everyone if you are willing to change your thinking a little bit.


There is a discussion in Nissan LEAF & Nissan Zero Emission vehicles owners group on Facebook about Nissan Leaf's pros and cons. One LEAF owner wrote expressing his unhappiness with his Leaf and writes that he is now "stuck with a lame car that we can barely drive to complete our security patrols." He than calls Nissan Leaf a worthless car.

Is this fair to Nissan Leaf?

"It certainly doesn't suit everyone's needs," replies Bob Sampson referring to Nissan Leaf. "But I like my lease and may even keep it. I understand and accept its limitations. EPA range rating is 84 miles." See how the EPA determines an electric vehicle’s range - not as simple as it sounds.

Carlos Ortigoza writes that he likes his Leaf. He bought it used and has a Nissan Versa on the side for long trips. "Works perfectly for all my needs," Ortigoza writes.

In fact I heard from many other people who keep a regular ICE vehicle for long trips and use their Nissan Leaf for a city daily driving.

Also see: Charging Nissan LEAF or an Electric Car in The Rain: One Thing To Beware of.

Here is an interesting reply from another Leaf owner Addonis Ryan.

"You're being really negative, Nissan LEAF is not for everyone, but it can work for most people provide that you don't mind changing your thinking a little bit.

"My 2012 Leaf only charges to 75 miles max, but I make it work for me by planning my route and by adjusting my driving manners. Most people drive inefficiently and then blame the car when they don't get the expected mileage. LEAFs are not worthless, they actually work quite well if you are willing to adapt your driving manners and pay attention to what the systems in the car are telling you.

"The LEAF is not perfect, far from it, but it is quite usable, especially if you will learn the car, and use it properly. I don't know what kind of security patrols you do, but if all you are doing is patrolling small areas, you should be able to have the battery last for a shift.

"I drive a total of 60-70 miles per day, most of it is highway driving, the car isn't really meant for that, it's more of a city car so, sometimes I take local roads to work, either way, I make use of CHAdeMO quick chargers as well as 240 volts 30 amp level 2 chargers in the vicinity of where I work and live as well as adjust my driving manners and make use of regenerative braking when possible to help extend my range. This works for me. Try it for yourself, you might not hate the LEAF so much then," Ryan writes.

How do you use your Nissan LEAF or another EV?


Doug Stansfield (not verified)    April 20, 2017 - 7:08AM

I miss my Nissan Leaf. Look forward to buying a used 2013 Leaf as soon as I can. Main benefits, full every morning if you remember to plug it in at night, no oil changes, no tune ups, almost no maintenance and super quiet and fun to drive!