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Nissan Juke Nismo: Only One Factor To Decide Its Future

Nissan unveils Juke Nismo concept tomorrow at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show for public viewing, but says there is only one factor which will decide if Juke Nismo will ever go on sale to Nissan dealerships.

Nissan has expanded the usability of Nismo and, by marrying it to Juke, has built a concept car, which looks attractive and good for a news purpose. With Juke Nismo concept Nissan has incorporated its motorsports heritage into high performance cars. However, the only thing Nissan lacking right now is feedback, and it expects the feedback to come from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. "It depends on the reaction at the Tokyo Motor show. If quite positive, we will consider to introduce it to the market," said Chiaki Sumi, Chief Product Specialist at Nissan Juke.

Juke Nismo concept will only become a real car and go on sale if the feedback is good. This is the only factor that Nissan has revealed as a deciding factor before the concept becomes driven by customers.

Juke Nismo could well be called as the inauguration of a new brand strategy for Nissan's sports division. It comes at the right time when the company is buildling on its commercial success making the Juke-R more robust and actually better looking.

Nismo stands for Nissan Motorsport and is given a new mission to produce new models and to develop a new range of performance accessories, which will be available for sale at Nissan Dealerships. In addition, Nismo will have a brand new headquarters in 2013. The company has said that this headquarters will direct Nissan's road-race and performance expertise, while giving Nismo fans a one centralized location for Nismo related fan events.

To illustrate this new strategy, Nissan has its new concept Juke Nismo debuting in Tokyo. The concept comes with lowered chassis and design, drawn by the aerodynamics of the sports sector cars. It has a turbot 1.6 liter engine and we don't know more than that. The performance treatments are not yet unveiled.

The body style is more aggressive than that of Juke-R. Bigger wheels and the aerodynamic body kit are helping to enhance the design. So far, given the limited knowledge, it may be safe to say that Juke Nismo concept is more than just a turning or a cosmetic upgrade by the manufacturer.

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