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Model S Driver, Who Drove His Feet Out of the Window, Gets His Ticket Dismissed

Grammy-nominated producer DJ Klypso got his ticket dismissed by a judge for driving his Tesla Model S on Autopilot with both of his feet out of the window Klypso says he was able to prove to a judge that Tesla's Autopilot can drive the Model S independently.

The incident happened last year, when the Autopilot was even less advanced and we witnessed several accidents that involved Tesla's Autopilot.

According to The Blast Grammy-nominated producer, DJ Klypso got busted for driving while on his cellphone, and (watch this) his feet hanging out of the window. This is unbelievable isn't it? How much trust can one put on his Autopilot?

He was driving the 101 freeway in his Tesla Model S when he got pulled over by a Police officer.

From The Blast

Klypso, who was filming himself on his cellphone while the car was moving, was cited for operating a cell phone while driving and also driving at unsafe speed for traffic conditions. The video is pretty great, the CHP officer does a double take before pulling over the vehicle. However, when Klypso showed up to court Tuesday in Los Angeles, he was able to get the ticket dropped! He tells us the judge dismissed both violations after he brought supporting evidence that the Tesla auto-pilot drives 100% on its own, and accurately monitors speed while on the freeway.

Tesla has repeatedly stated that the Autopilot is not full self-driving yet. Many Model S owners misunderstand how Autopilot works. I have argued in this 2016 article, published at Torque News, that perhaps Tesla should change the name of Autopilot and proposed a better name. if you like using your Autopilot here is the key to getting the most of your Autopilot.

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Torque News' Take

I don't think it is a smart thing to do to drive the car on Autopilot and have your feet out of the window. Do you? You simply put the lives of many people, including children and families at risk. What do you think? Please, let us know you opinion in the comments section below. And if this story was interesting, please share with your friends on Social Media to reach more people.


Ryland (not verified)    March 7, 2018 - 10:45PM

This is clearly inattentive driving by this Tesla Model S owner.It's a failure to maintain control of a vehicle.

Daniel (not verified)    March 7, 2018 - 11:18PM

They should have his license revoked for reckless endangerment. At a minimum, the original charges of "operating a cell phone while driving and also driving at unsafe speed for traffic conditions" should have stuck. "Autopilot" in a Tesla is nothing more than an advanced cruise control. It still requires an attentive driver to handle the MANY situations which it is not yet equipped to handle, for example if you are traveling at freeway speeds, it won't stop for a stopped vehicle in your lane.

Jacob (not verified)    March 8, 2018 - 8:02AM

I wouldn't reccommend putting your feet out the window. I'd recommend officers and judges to treat everybody the same, no matter the driving assist features. It is too much to ask to have police officers to learn and remember which vehicles potentially can drive mostly on their own, and which cannot. If someone looks like they are driving recklessly or under duress, Law enforcement should treat it as such. I'm usually for people being able to do whatever they want, but these cars are flying at sometimes 80mph or higher on autopilot, and if someone wants to be stupid, its not just him or her thats going to get hurt when it bursts into flames.

Andrew (not verified)    March 8, 2018 - 8:07AM

This is why we can't have nice things! So, because of this idiot going through this process, Tesla will probably be forced to re-evaluate AP. Again! After the other knucklehead set the AP and went into the back seat, Tesla implemented measures by which someone had to be in the seat, then it would nag you to make sure you were holding the steering wheel. Antics like this delay the good development that they perform every day! Also, Federal, State and Local governments are watching regarding implementing autonomous driving laws and taking note. No one should drive a car his feet out the window.

Steven (not verified)    March 8, 2018 - 8:15AM

This is the reason why Tesla has to implement the "nag" to have people hold the wheel and to make sure they are paying attention. The few idiots who don't behave are ruining it for all of us