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Mercedes EQS Intelligent Recuperation Setting Explained in Simple Terms

Recently I reviewed the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS450+ electric sedan. There is a very useful setting in it, called intelligent recuperation. Since questions are asked about the setting, I would like to talk about it in this article.

Rich Remington explains in Mercedes-Benz EQS/ EQS SUV Facebook group that the idea of EQS's Intelligent Recuperation Setting is that the car uses GPS, traffic, etc... to determine the most efficient level of recuperation at any point in time. It could be full coast with no recuperation to heavy recuperate depending on conditions. It can take a while to get used to because of how aggressively or not it recuperates when you let off the accelerator.

EQS's Intelligent Recuperation does a good job of braking when vehicle in front slows down. Some EQS owners report using this setting intermittently.

But, some EQS owners may not like it because they, instead, prefer the normal strong recuperation. They say Intelligent Recuperation does not instill any confidence while driving.

If you also think so, you may want to use strong and activate “creep” mode. This gives you the safe and effective strong recuperation (one pedal driving) with the ability to ease near lights, corners, parking etc...

"We played with this a lot when we went to the training session in Alabama. The intelligent recuperation setting makes all the decisions for you, and will adapt the recuperation based on your driving, the roads, the weather, the temperature, and 112 other points of data. You must give it some time to learn you, it is fantastic once you and your EQS bond a little," writes Barry At Mercedes-Benz Edh in the group.

"I found it to be very good, but had to turn "creep" mode off," writes another owner, named Kevin A Barnfather.

Let us know if you have tried it or whether you use the normal vs intelligent recuperation in the comments section below. Also see Torque News comprehensive review of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ sedan here.

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