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Meet One of the 887 Green Dodge Challengers

Matt Stephens uses his 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 to raise awareness about Breast Cancer in Oklahoma. See how he bought this this new Challenger for a price of a used one.

What follows is Matt's story in his own words.

This is my 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 with 470 ft lbs of torque and 470 horsepower. The color is called Green with Envy. There were only 887 Green with Envy SRT8s ever made. This is 1 of 75 made with automatic transmission SRT option II, sun roof and Mopar appearance package.

I was not alive during the hey day of the muscle car era, but have loved muscle cars as long as I can remember. This car made me the "black sheep" of my family as I was the first person in my family to ever own a Mopar.

I found this car in Ardmore, Oklahoma and in april of 2012. I test drove it 3 times before purchasing it. This Dodge Challenger is unique in the fact that the dealership it was delivered to had a phone agreement with a guy in Colorado to buy the car (the financing fell through) and the dealership marked it as sold in the Chrysler inventory. Thus when it was dealership traded with the dealership in Ardmore, under law they couldn't list the car as new even though it had never been sold or titled. So while I spent 4 months looking for one it was sitting there the whole time.

Since purchasing the car I have removed the stripes, changed the hood to a replica AAR 'cuda hood, and added Mopar hood pins. I have a breast cancer awareness theme going for the car. My car club windshield decal is pink and so is the rear window decal. My license plate reflects my fight for breast cancer awareness. Oklahoma offers special license plates and I have one of the fight breast cancer plates.

I have given my Challenger a name and it is named "Kamille."

Matt Stephens reads TorqueNews from Oklahoma City, OK. By the way, this morning we had featured Ryan Goll's Chevy Camaro, who is also from Oklahoma.