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Man tests almost all EVs and Says Hybrids are "Garbage," Do You Agree?

I personally own a 2012 Toyota Prius, which I bought two weeks ago. I am very happy with it and think it's a great compromise between an electric car and a ICE. However, one man, who says he tried all EVs and Plug-in Hybrids, calls the hybrids as "garbage." As a hybrid owner I disagree with him. But let's share his reasoning. Here is Mathias Carlberg from Electric Cars Facebook Group.

I tested almost all EVs and plug-in hybrids in my market and talked to so many people with different hybrids, plug-in hybrids etc... and yes they are garbage!

For example the Audi A3 e-tron (same as the VW e-golf) has a range of 50 km. In reality its like 30 km. The Price? It's a lot more than a gas or diesel. Its a joke. Same with Mitshubishi.

The Nissan LEAF is in theory 120 km, but in reality you are lucky to get 100 km and in winter that means its a no go.

When you have to compromise how you drive its not an option anymore. Sure as a second car for just the city a Nissan LEAF would be OK. But as I said there is just one EV at the moment without compromise. Tesla!

Tesla is also the only US car that I really think is good. Sure quality of materials and details are not up to European standards, but "ok". The rest of the car is just brilliant. I hope BMW and Porsche get something similar out of the door. Model 3 will be a true game changer. While BMW and Porsche hunt model S. Tesla will release the model 3. Who with a brain will buy something else?

To this, a group member named Spectra Se replies and says.

When it comes to Nissan LEAF 100km is more than enough for 95% of my driving needs in the South. Though I can see how non-Tesla owners in the North may need ICE power in the winter. I don't buy the whole hybrid vs. BEV war. What matters is how much range you have on battery only power and is it enough for a vast majority of your needs. Yes, BEVs tend to have more battery-only range, but it's no guarantee (easy example, the Mitsubishi I-Miev, which has virtually no better battery-only range than the new Volt).

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100km Range is humilliating, carmakers want us back to middle ages (Same range as for a Milburn electric vehicle from the 1920´s). Carmakers pretend to convince us that modern technology is way worse than the one we used for the plomb-acid battery technology. What? the range with Lithium is worse than with plomb-acid batteries!!! Don´t you ever listen to someone saying that 100km range is adequate for 95% of transport needs. Crappy opinion even if true. Minimal range should be 350km at least.
wrong wrong. Leaf is 107 * 1.6 = 171 km according to the EPA. In 2017 Leaf will be 250 km. The best car is a SEV serial EV: 35 kWh or more battery, 80 kW or more motor, Range extender 20 kW or less. This is the magic formula and whoever does this first will dominate the market.