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Kia finds a smart way to compete with Fiat 500 and Ford Ka

How many nail bottles of nail polish will it take to pain a new Kia is one of the questions the company tackles in a new Picanto ad by targeting women and competing with Fiat 500, Ford Ka and Renault Twingo. It's called Kia Picanto nail art animation.

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Both Fiat 500 and Ford Ka are the same size cars. In Europe the competition is heated by the presence of Renault Twingo. Since Kia picanto is not yet sold in the United States, the company uses ads targeting city-dwelling female buyers to sell its cars. If the approach is successful the company may bring it to the U.S. market.

Apparently it takes 1,200 nail polish bottles to paint one Kia Picanto. The company says the car is not mini, but it's small and the small is "beautiful."

Thus the company created 900 nail art animation. It took the company 25 days and two hours of work for each day to create the Kia Picanto nail art animation: an ad that can well go viral on youtube.

The new Kia Picanto ad is energetic, unique and different. The company hopes to get the attention of many female buyers. That alone sets the company apart from competitors like Renalut Twingo, Ford Ka and Fiat 500.

Picanto is small and the message that it's made for women is apparent from the ad. When it comes to women's car buying habits, they pick practicality over power. Also, most women buy cars based on lifestyle, price and fuel economy. Women are now the fastest growing segment of new car buyers. Nearly 2/3 of the new car buyers in the United States are the women.

As women buy cars based on style and practicality, Kia's Picanto ad may succeed in its purpose as the company has succeeded to create a stylish essence with its Picanto nail art animation.

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Anonymous (not verified)    October 3, 2011 - 12:19PM

I never thought it takes that much nail polish to paint this Kia Picanto. At least this way it can compete with Fiat 500 and Ford Ka. I believe that the interior kia parts is as good as the exterior.