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I Wanted The Tesla Model 3, but It's Too Late After Three Years

Today I read a very interesting discussion on Facebook about someone who had made a Tesla Model 3 reservation three years ago and wondering if it's still worthy it. He just got the invite to make is configurations. He can't sell it for a premium and he doesn't even want the car now. What to do if you have made a Model 3 reservation three years ago and don't want it in wake of so many upcoming good EVs like Nissan Leaf and others.

Tesla Model 3 finally went on sale in UK. The company launched Model 3 RHD in UK, starting at £38000, but some of the people who have made reservations three years ago don't want to wait any longer and are not interested. They have bought new cars.

"So it’s been 3 years and four weeks since my Tesla Model 3 reservation, Today I got an email to configure my order with delivery ‘from late June’ (I’m assuming 2019 !). In this time due to lack of information I have had to purchase another vehicle. So what do I do now ? Should I cancel my reservation (made on the day of release) and get my £1k back. I assume I can’t sell my place in the queue. Would it be advisable to go ahead and order it and take delivery and re-sell my Model 3? Would someone pay a premium to get their UK spec car ASAP? I didn’t reserve it to make money. I wanted the car, but it’s too late now. So can I help the cost of my new one by selling my Tesla? Thanks for your guidance everyone," writes one Model 3 reservation holder from UK on Tesla Model 3 Owners World Facebook group.

This is indeed a very serious question for many Model 3 reservation holders. While Tesla has significantly accelerated the deliveries of it's iconic Model 3, many excited EV enthusiasts who had made their reservation with a deposit on the first day, still are waiting to get their Model 3. What to do?

Here are few interesting and useful replies by other Model 3 owners or reservation holders from the same group on what would could people like this possibly do.

Is There an Advantage to Model 3 Reservation Now?

"In Germany there was no advantage of heaving a reservation. I had none and took delivery 8 days after order," writes Adri from Germany in the same group. This would mean that the company takes your money, your commitment for 3 years and gives no advantage, except perhaps a toy car. But it also gives you a chance to see what other car brands are doing today.

Matthew from Slovenia writes that while living in Slovenia he is few meters away from the Italian border. "Our configurator is still not available while my neighbor from Italy can simply order and get it before me, without waiting 3 years. The wait time there is just a few weeks. I am pretty sure that if there would be any valid alternative I would cancel my reservation because of lack of information."

Few people say that the place in line is meaningless these days. It's better to get your money back and either buy another car or just order again, as it should be the same thing. "Your place in the line is meaningless at this point. Get your money back and when you are ready to buy one you can just order it, writes a group member named Eileen.

Offer Your Model 3 Reservation To a Family Member

Alternatively, you can offer your place in the Model 3 Reservation line to a family member first and see if anyone from your extended family may like it. Apparently, the order is transferable within the country (though there are some restrictions and it is at Tesla's discretion). "My brother-in-law used my reservation. (I'd just gotten a leased Honda when my turn came and breaking the lease was going to be expensive). Tesla likely won't care so long as the person you are substituting to is in the same country," wrote another member.

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Another thing you can do is to sell your current car and get a Tesla Model 3. As you can see this person, who has initiated the discussion writes that he has since both a new car. So if you are in a similar situation sell your current car and get the Tesla if you still like the Tesla Model 3.

A number of people have dropped their Model 3 reservation because they didn't want to wait years. But I learned from another group member in this discussion that she received her first reservation deposit back within days. The she re-reserved and got her Model 3 a month later.

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Are you in a similar situation? Please, comment below if you have canceled your Model 3 reservation or held on to it, or if you have bought another vehicle instead.