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I Just Made a Cross Country Trek With Kia EV6

Embarking on a cross-country journey with an electric vehicle (EV) is an exciting and pioneering experience. Recently, Sam Lev, an owner of a Kia EV6, shared his remarkable road trip in the Kia EV6 Owners group on Facebook.

Lev's adventure highlights the convenience and challenges of long-distance travel in an EV, providing valuable insights for fellow EV enthusiasts and potential buyers.

In his Facebook post in Kia EV6 Owners Group, Lev noted that he took more stops than necessary during his near cross-country trek, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety. He explains, "There are way more stops here than necessary; I just wanted to be safe and skipped as needed."

One advantage Lev discovered during his journey was the ability to maintain high speeds in the Southwest. Lev shared, "It was handy, though, in the southwest to keep speeds above 80-85 mph and then charge up every ~100 miles if needed." By carefully managing his speed and charging stops, Lev was able to keep his journey smooth and efficient.

Throughout the trip, Lev recorded his Kia EV6's range per charge. He noted, "Averaged around 260-280 miles per 100% charge but got as low as 238 late in the journey." These figures highlight the reliable and consistent performance of the Kia EV6, providing ample range for long-distance travel.

However, Lev also encountered a challenge during his travel through the Deep South. He cautioned, "If you live in the Deep South, I really hope you don't drive an electric vehicle." Lev explained that Louisiana had only one fast charger in the north, which charged him $1 per kilowatt-hour. He paid a substantial $60 for that particular charge, impacting his overall cost results. This experience underscores the need for continued infrastructure development to support EV adoption across all regions.

Despite the occasional challenges, Lev attested to the overall satisfaction of driving the Kia EV6 on long-distance journeys. He shared, "Overall, an excellent car to drive the distance. As long as you have a lax timeline, you can really just sit back and enjoy the ride." Lev's statement reflects the comfort, performance, and enjoyment that the Kia EV6 offers, reaffirming its position as an ideal choice for those seeking long-range electric mobility.

Sam Lev's cross-country adventure in the Kia EV6 sheds light on the practicality and excitement of EV travel. Lev's journey showcases the importance of safety while highlighting the convenience and capabilities of the Kia EV6. With impressive range and a comfortable driving experience, the Kia EV6 is proving to be an excellent choice for those seeking to explore the open road in an electric vehicle. Lev's insights and experiences serve as a valuable resource for EV enthusiasts and potential buyers looking to embark on their own electric adventure.

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Duke Woolworth (not verified)    May 20, 2023 - 7:37PM

I have to stop this often only because of this old man's need to pee. Slow down just a little and really enjoy the ride without cop anxiety to combine with the battery anxiety. It's why we don't take our Chevy Bolts on the road.