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I Can't Believe Plug-In Hybrid Pickup Truck Segment Has Been Ignored for So Long

There are people in the Torque News reader community who say they have been waiting for a plug-in hybrid pick up as they would love the flexibility of being able to tow long-range and use electric around town.

The plugin hybrid pickup truck segment is indeed gaining traction. Ford is planning to bring a plug-in hybrid version of the Ranger pickup to the US market soon, providing a solution for those seeking the flexibility of towing long-range and using electric power for city driving.

Ram is also entering this space with the Ram 1500 Revolution Concept, which was showcased at CES, and a production version is expected to be delivered in 2024, confirming the growing presence of electric pickups in the market.

While the plugin hybrid pickup segment has been relatively overlooked in the past, recent developments indicate a shift towards offering electrified options in this category. This change aligns with the demand for electric vehicles and the desire for more sustainable transportation solutions, especially in the pickup truck market, which is historically dominated by gas-powered vehicles.

As mentioned, the Ford Ranger and Ram 1500 are just a few examples of automakers recognizing the potential for plugin hybrid pickups, meeting the needs of consumers who require both towing capabilities and the benefits of electric driving for daily commutes or urban travel.

The growing interest in plugin hybrid pickup trucks is a promising development in the automotive industry.

Why do you think the plug-in hybrid pickup truck segment has been generally overlooked in the automotive industry? Do you think this is changing now?

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Garry Masters (not verified)    November 1, 2023 - 11:57AM

Been waiting for Phev truck for 2 yrs...have a 2017 volt and IMHO it's still best tech out there even though stupid [email protected] canceled it in 2019 vs actually marketing it and expanding it to trucks etc. Possible issue may have been thier cost to produce or something but ramp up should have solved that. - went to order a Ford Maverick twice as it's closest bthing available in a truck but w/o 4wd and Phev options reminded me of my 2005 Escape hybrid, which was great but 2005 tech in a brand new 23? -Just couldn't get past that..(my bad, probably could have sold it at a profit oh well). So still waiting..told my Ford sales rep that 1st vendor w a decent offer will get my biz -but Ford continuing to not offer a Phev is disappointing so might be something else (Toyota, or who? Still don't know)