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How our 2 IBM Camaros changed our generic lives

Trish Byrd shares the story about her family's two IBM Chevy Camaros. Read what happened next when the train, which was shipping it broke down on the way to California.


I got my Blu1 Camaro as my 40th birthday gift. My husband Rob had bought a truck on his 40th birthday and the deal was I would get whatever I wanted for mine. I don’t think he ever thought I would get a Chevy Camaro, but of course when I decided to go for it he was 100% behind me. I never thought it would lead us to meet so many wonderful people and get a hobby that both my husband and I enjoy.

We had a pretty generic life style prior to the cars: lots of work and not a lot of play. Since the purchase of the cars, we now are attending car shows, and race events monthly. We are active members of the forum where we have met some great people. We are also members of the So-Cal Camaro5 Race team, and SoCal Mayhem, which is not just a car club, it’s a family. Owning these cars have definitely changed our lives.

What is unique about your Camaros?

It's like thing 1 and thing 2, only its Blu1 and Blu2. Whatever we do to one we must do to the other.

When did you purchase your Chevys

Like I said, the Blu1 Camaro was purchased as my 40th birthday present. I ordered the car in April 2009 and received it in September 2009. I learned a lot from the order process, through I was able to track the car from getting pulled for build and actually be built and shipped. The train that was shipping it broke down on the way to California and I tell you that was the longest 5 days ever. I didn’t think that train would ever move again.

This was the first time I ever bought a car sight unseen, and there is not a day I regret the purchase.

When we got Blu1 we were certain we would be leaving her stock and not upgrading anything. Well, that didn't last long as you can tell from the modifications chart below. During early 2010 we were introduced to John Hotchkis from Hotchkis Suspension, who used Blu1 to test their suspension products on the 2010 Camaro. During the testing time John invited us out to a private track day for some testing. This was the first time for me taking a car on the track. It was such a rush I had to have more. My husband had been on the track only once before, but you would have thought he had done it many times, as he was a pro.

We started taking Blu1 out to Auto Cross events and sharing the car at the events. We must have put 40 plus runs on the car at Super Chevy in Las Vegas each day. When the convertible came out we had talked about getting one, but decided it was better to wait till Blu1 was paid off.

On April 2011 GM put a hold on the IBM color choice for the Camaro with the possibility of it being discontinued. Well, that was enough to push us over the edge and the search was on. Thanks to Robb Hernandez at Camino Real Chevrolet of Monterey Park he searched and found us a 2011 IBM Convertible.

Blu2 was purchased in May 2011 again my during birthday month (lol). We didn't even kid ourselves this time we knew that the upgrades were going to occur. Had to make her match Blu1. First upgrades happened within 2 weeks.

In what condition where they before and what work did you do to them?

We purchased both Cars stock. When we bought Blu1 we had no intention of doing any upgrades. When we bought Blu2 we stayed busy the next 3 months getting all the upgrades to match Blu1.

Any interesting particular story associated with the vehicles?

The first AutoX we attended was the Good Guys Show in Orange County CA. Just so happens that I was the first 5th Gen Camaro to AutoX at a Good Guys event. Again that was such rush we had to have more.

Both of us have won multiple events:


  • Super Chevy Vegas 1st Place Ladies Class
  • Super Chevy Phoenix 1st Place Ladies Class
  • Super Chevy Bakersfield 1st Place Ladies Class AutoX,
  • Super Chevy Bakersfield Best of the West 2013


  • Camarofest 1st place Modified Class AutoX
  • Super Chevy Las Vegas Fastest 5th Gen. AutoX
  • Super Chevy Bakersfield 1st Place Modified Class AutoX
  • American Street Car Series Run to the Coast 2013 Fastest Modern Camaro.

Tell us little bit about yourself and your city, please.

We are Trish and Rob Byrd, living in Corona, California. We will be married 15 years this September. We have been in California for about 25 years and definitely live here by choice. We have 2 sons, who we hope will share our passion when they get older.

Is there a you tube video of this car that can go with the story?

Blu1 is a 2010 IBM (Imperial Blue Metallic) Camaro SS/RS Modifications include:

  • Hotchkis TVS Suspension
  • Hurst Shifter
  • Cold Air Inductions Intake
  • T-Rex Billet Grille
  • Borla ATAK Exhaust
  • Headman Shorty Headers
  • Comp Cam /Valves/Springs/Push Rods
  • Hi Flow Cats
  • BBS Wheels with Nitto NT05 tires

Blu2 is a 2011 IBM Camaro Convertible SS/RS

  • Hotchkis TVS Suspension
  • Borla ATAK Exhaust
  • BBK Short Headers
  • BBK Cold Air Intake
  • Comp Cam/valves/springs/push rods
  • LS3 Conversion
  • Drake Shifter
  • T-Rex Billet Grille
  • RPM Roll bar
  • Painted Stripes
  • Hotchkis Y Sport Wheels w Nitto Invos

As you can tell we do something to one, we must do it to the other. LOL.