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He Tried Autocross with His 1999 Mazda Miata and is Hooked

This is Johnny Archibald from Benton City, WA who shares this video of him trying his 1999 Mazda Miata at the SSSCC Try Autocross Day 2017 event. He tells us what you car needs to do to pass Autocross inspection.

"I belong to a autocross club called SSSCC (Sand and Sage Sports Car Club) in Tri-Cities, WA," wrote Johnny to TorqueNews.

If you are unfamiliar with Autocross, it is a form of car racing. "The goal is to get the quickest time navigating through the cones. Every time we race it's a different course. We have different classes of vehicles as well, depending on what modifications you have done to your car," Johnny told TorqueNews.

How To Pass Inspection for Autocross

For someone that has never done this before, Johnny says there are few things you need to do to pass inspection.

"Make sure the battery for your Miata is properly secured. Make sure you have no bad wheel bearings and no loose objects in your cockpit. That's really about it," wrote Johnny in a Miata Facebook group to a question, asked by a fellow group member.

As you can see it's really basic. Just make sure lug nuts are tight and you have proper air pressure. No special pried really needed. You will always see people who just bring what they have, and race their daily.

This Autocross racing was held at Tri City raceway in Benton City, WA. Have you ever done Autocross or other types of legal racing?

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