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He Test-Drove Model Y, Model 3 and Received His VIN in 1 Hour

Tesla Model Y is bigger than the Model 3 and is a crossover, however, some people still chose the Model 3, over the Model Y and here is why.


Reddit user Jdotsiebert writes he Test drove, ordered, and received vin all within 1 hour and chose the Tesla Model 3 over the Model Y.

He writes:

I picked the Model 3 Performance over Mother Y Performance because of 5 reasons.

1. The Model Y is new and there’s definitely manufacturing defects. I checked out 4 Moder Y Performance vehicles and every single one had issues with the panel gaps, the carbon fiber was loose or already falling off, the seats wouldn’t drop down with the push of the button, scraps on the driver door seals.

2. I personally think the car is less attractive in real life vs the Model 3 Performance.

3. It sits higher up and I like to be low to the ground. I also want a sportier type of car.

4. I don’t have children or transport much, so space wasn’t a huge necessity for me.

5. Looking out the back window was irritating for me. I understand I can use the rear camera to supplement it.

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