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This Ford Dealership Is Literally Flooded, But See What Citizens Did When They Saw F150s Underwater

Two days ago there were heavy rains in Republic, Missouri, flooding hundreds of F-150 trucks, Ford Edges and Escapes at a local Ford dealership. Watch the video of how it looks like. About 35 F150 trucks are totaled. But what citizens did to help is amazing and admiring.


This video is shared by a Facebook user Lea Pinnon, who was apparently driving by and filmed the Ford dealership flooded.

So what happens when your dealership is flooded like this? Could a proper drainage avoid this? Probably not, because the entire city was flooded. Here is the video showing how the dealership looks like during the flood.

Poor Republuc Ford. My place may be next.Posted by Leah Pinnon on Saturday, December 26, 2015

I read a comment where someone was asking "I wonder why can't they move the cars and trucks to safe place." Then I decided the call the dealership and speak with someone to see what happened. At the dealership they put me through with Jim Pettyjohn, who the marketing director. Here is what Jim told on the phone.

"The rain started Saturday evening almost immediately. We saw saw water starting to accumulate within an hour between 6 and 7pm. We have a low front in the lot and the photos surfacing online show that area. About 20-25 people who were driving by, stopped to help us move cars and as a result of that we were able to move 2/3 of cars to a safe place. The lot is much higher in the back of the dealership. By 7 it was worst and by 11PM it was back down. In 3 hours it went from run of water to that kind of disastrous depths and then it was gone," said Pettyjohn.

Jim also told me that about 105 vehicles are totaled and the insurance will take those vehicles and dispose of them however they will. Those vehicles are Lincolns, Escapes, Edges and about a third of their inventory about 35 Ford F-150 trucks. No Ford Mustangs are damaged.

Today they are open for business as usual. No damage has been done to the building as the building parameter was not breached by water.