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Does Mercedes-Benz Unimog Have Future with Consumers?

Mercedes-Benz Unimog is no doubt a purpose built vehicle for the militaries of many countries, but has it any future in the consumer market?

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It's been already 10 years in a row that the readers of the specialist journal "Off Road" have voted the Unimog as the best Cross-country Vehicle of the Year in the "special-purpose vehicles" category. About 35 percent of the readers voted for Mercedes-Benz Unimog, but does this vehicle have a place with consumers?

Given it's rich and long history of the vehicle, this review isn't about how much distance the Unimog will conquer. Instead, the question I am raising here is how livable it really is.

Consider the interior of Unimog. It's plain and purposeful. No luxuries here, but yet for the rugged climber, cross country adventurer, or the weekend warrior, this vehicle works.

I won't get into the mpg on this vehicle, because it wasn't made with that in mind. Mercedes-Benz Unimog was made to get you from Point A to Point B regardless if there are roads or not. Since it's proven with many companies of soldiers around the world, I would say it's shown that it's something we need to keep around and admire, but also use to it's original intent.

If you can somehow manage to purchase this vehicle, remember what it was made for, and use it to that extent. I can see why Unimog has been voted over and over again for the best cross country vehicle. One drive, and you'll know it's you.

Written by John Schmidt

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