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Do you think buying your Challenger bred more envy vs if you had bought a Camry?

Do you think buying your Dodge Challenger bred more jealousy or envy compared to if you had bought a Toyota Camry, minivan, or other regular car? See what Challenger owners say and explain why they decided to buy a performance car.

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Today I saw this interesting discussion in Dodge Challenger Owners Club's page and remembered that a friend of mine, a female Challenger owner once said she felt her neighbor may be jealous about her owning a Dodge Challenger. Envy and jealousy are not good things and first of all hurt the person who envies his or her neighbor. So here is what Dodge Challenger owners think about this issue.

Sherri Fultz-curto writes.
I have noticed people will try and downgrade it towards me and chalk it up to mid life crisis crap. I am 45 and have had a sports car most of my life and trucks. These cars are not mid life cars, they are classic and stream lined. Any generation can buy this car and it will not be a stereo type. I personally buy what I like and want and I've had the privilege of buying my first Dodge Challenger this past summer. I have been looking for over 2 years for the right price and fit for my needs and couldn't be happier. Some may not like my Dodge and may argue against it. But I am cool with that. I have not had luck with their trucks, I got a Ford but the cars I've had made by Dodge, Stratus RT and my Challenger so far are so good. I am happy.

Tommy Koch
I got my Challenger SRT-8 for my 46 Birthday. It was a surprise present from my wife. Love my Dodge.

Justin James
The whole negative reaction deal is a trip! I am 26 and have gotten more than a few comments like "A regular car wasn't good enough? I have kids and responsibilities personally, good luck getting pulled over everyday!" Its like, thanks guys, thankful it doesn't run on opinions.

Jeff Patton
I am also 45 and this is my first brand new car my wife told to get what I wanted, lol, the 2 car seats would not fit in a corvette, the Camaro would have been but the rear seats do not fit an adult comfortably. This is the reason I got my Challenger R/T

Maryanne Papa
I am not worried about what other people say or think about my car.

Aaron Lyons
Honestly, I get both types of responses. Most of my friends are now getting married and having kids so to see me still single and having the car I want is the jealousy. And those who are single and can't manage money wish to be in my shoes having what I want not realizing I just budget a lot and plan a lot. I am sure it will get worse when I do get a family one day and I still have this car plus the family car as I took the time to plan ahead.

Josh Flattmann
People probably envy. Everywhere I go I get complements on my car, the sublime green is a eye catcher though.

What Jason Cartmill writes is more than worrying and sounds like it's time to move from the neighborhood. He says "we have had people spit on, egg, scratch, fling mud and grass all over it and try to blow it up in our driveway. So tell me! Is that envy or jealousy?"

Makeisha Cereo
They envy definitely! I get a lot of stares and mean mugs especially when they see I am a woman. And then I'm black.

Janice SoBlessed
I have definitely experienced jealously. Especially being a female with so much muscle or heart. They find it hard to believe that Dodge Challenger shouldn't be a man's ride only. I haven't had anything happen to my Challenger because at home I keep it in the garage and when I am out its in close view of my eyes. People will be jealous of you if you have a loaf of bread. It's just life. Nobody's paying the note but me so why be jealous? Nothing but props from fellow owners of Challengers. I really don't care what people think.

Leslie Holloran Perry
Absolutely. A lot of my coworkers commented to me "Oooooohhh... so you and your husband both have Challangers? Must be nice!" If we both had Toyota Camrys or Carollas nobody would bat an eye, (And for the record, I know a woman who paid more for her minivan than I did for my Hemi!!!).

Jason Andrew
My Dodge Challenger was keyed the first month i had it. The only other car anyone's ever messed with in 30 years - a jag i had around 15 years ago. Envy is ugly.

Racer X Amondo
Some people get envious and wonder why I didn't get something economical or practical, but they all love it. Some people get it, others don't. I wouldn't have got my SRT 8 if I listened to them and that's what some people want you to do. They talk you out of something or bad mouth it just because they secretly want it too, but can't do it for whatever reason.

Cletus Klack
I didn't buy my car for others to envy at. I bought my car for me. But yes. Many people are envious and jealous. And when I am out and about people feel the need to speed by me or drive recklessly to somehow prove their car is better.

Aaron Lyons
In California I get pulled over to verify my "window tint," which 99% of the time leads to "what's under the hood." So I usually tell them none of their business as they are profiling me for the street racing in San Diego. They have finally backed off of me though after threatening to get a lawyer and filing harassment. I could understand if you run my plates and I have a history, but I have no tickets what so ever so it got old after the 12th time getting pulled over for the same thing.

Sherri Fultz-curto
Truly it doesn't bother me what others think. I love what I love and that's that.

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Deborah E. (not verified)    December 17, 2015 - 10:57PM

Yes. I have also experienced a lot of envy but most of all a lot of good comments on my 2015 Challenger. It is not quite the version I wanted (meaning the R/T) but I am enjoying my ride. Lot of guys pull up and feel the need to want to race but that's okay...mine may not be the fastest one, but I love it.