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Chevrolet Volt invites Volt owners to "come out"

Chevrolet invites the Volt owners to the first get together in Detroit area.

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This morning Chevorlet posted on its Facebook page an announcement asking the Volt owners to come out to a get togehter and meet each other in Detroit area. The idea is to meet and greet each other as well as get a chance to greet some great NASCAR drivers.

"We’d like to invite Chevrolet Volt owners to come out to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit August 18th and 19th. By registering at the link below, you can enjoy special events like meet and greets with Volt owners and NASCAR drivers Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, enjoy cocktails with Bob Lutz and cruise as part of Chevrolet Historic Parade. We hope to see you there," wrote the company today.

The space is limited. Only 50 Chevy Volt owner can participate. The event includes a private breakfast, cruise as part of Chevrolet Historic Parade and a cocktails and dinner at GM’s Heritage Center, GM’s historical museum featuring one-of-a-kind vehicles, and visit with the Volt leaders who brought the Volt to life.

If a Chevy Volt driver wants to participate he or she can find more information about the registration at

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