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Best Tire Shine Products Car Enthusiasts Like With a Warning

When you buy a car you quickly realize that shining tires are one of the most visible parts of your car. This is why I asked number of car enthusiasts about the longer lasting tire shine products and sprays they like and consider the best. But there is a warning about safety too.

These are some opinions from different model car enthusiasts about the tire shine products ans sprays they consider the best. The shared them from different car enthusiast Facebook groups as an answer to my question on the subject.

Mother's is a pretty good and long lasting tire shine product, writes Nate Fredericks from KDM Alliance Facebook group. "It's in a black spray bottle. I use that for more than couple of years. The usage is really easy. Just spray on and wait couple of minutes. Then boom! You have nice and shiny tires. Whether it will be long lasting or no depends on your driving and weather. But yes, I love it," comments Fredericks.

"There's is a company called Superior. They make a product called Cover All. its awesome," writes Dale Jones from Simply Corvettes Facebook group, who owns a detail shop and says it's what he uses as a tire shine. "I have been using it for the past 10 years. It's great product. It will last a lot longer than a normal tire wet product. Superior also has a good car wash soap," he adds.

Some people said they use Adam's because it stays on and it does not sling off like other wet products. "We have been using Adam's for 10 years. The lasting depends on road conditions and how much you drive your car. We do ours about every 3 weeks, but I am obsessed with keeping it up," writes Patty Fot from the same group.

"Adams will not sling or turn brown like a silicone based product," commented Robert Risen.

"I noticed some tire brands hold a shine longer than others, Bridge Stones on my daily won't hold a shine with anything," writes Joseph Serra.

Other people, like Philip Schy use a gel instead of a spray product. He recommended Eagle One tire shine. "It's a gel and doesn't come off on your fenders,' Schy wrote.

Buckie Maxey from Miata Club on Facebook wrote that AMMO NYC stuff is the best. "No sling and lasts forever," Maxey wrote. He also added that he has been using it for about 6 months. "I always got sling up the car with other stuff and used plenty of other tire blacks. AMMO NYC doesn't dry up like other stuff. It last for 2 or so weeks usually."

Here is a useful guide from discussing different types of tire shine products. I also read one good comment that most tire shine products don't matter when it comes to longevity or shine.

Warning About Tire Shine Products
Most people do not drive fast enough for it to matter. But if you, for example, sprayed that on your tires and went onto a tristy back road, chances are your grip level would be greatly reduced and you might have an accident.

"They all sling goop on the side of the car no matter how long you let it dry. Especially the Black Magic extreme wet tire shine. I've just started wiping the tire down after I spray to keep from having the sling. The only one I've never really had a problem with is the Eagle One tire shine, but it only makes the tire look natural," commented Clay Williams.

Most people who drive fast know this. People say it's also annoying to take off. Yes, tires look shiny and pretty, as long as you don't plan to take any turns withing the life of that stuff.

What about you? Are you using any of tire shine products mentioned here? Do you prefer a spray or a gel?