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Belarus President Test Drove Tesla Model S and Here Is What He Said

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko tested the latest model of Tesla Model S P100D and instructed domestic car manufacturers to strive for that level, the presidential press service informed.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged Belarusian automotive producers to use the Tesla Model S as an ideal to which they should strive. He stated this after personally testing one such electric vehicle, BelTA writes.

Model S Goes Off Like a Rocket

“It accelerates so fast as to leave all the German combustion engine cars we've tested way behind," the president said speaking about Tesla Model S P100D. "They couldn't catch up. The Tesla Model S goes off like a space rocket and even harder. 0-60 within 2.5 seconds. I was curious about traction. It turns out its traction is ideal,” noted Alexander Lukashenko.

He also said that the world is moving to the direction of creating more electric vehicle and that Tesla has created an excellent electric car.

The president touring the Minsk Auto Mechanical college and later speaking at a meeting with government officials responsible for the economic development gave several practical recommendations after himself testing Tesla Model S P100D. "Battery is a core component. There is no need to put it in the trunk. As you can see, Tesla's battery is located at the bottom of the car. As far as I can see, it keeps the vehicle balanced even at a high speed. This is why we should adopt the same approach,” concluded the head of state. “Creating a good motor is the key thing. You have the base for it. My demonstration of this car to you is the purpose of today's conversation. Study it. It is as good as it gets.”

Here is the video report of that meeting, but it's in Russian.

Do you think it speeds up EV adoption by masses when presidents encourage them, support them and say they like them? I think so.