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2021 KIA Niro Hybrid's Performance and Sustainability Specs

The 2021 KIA Niro SUV model, produced at the Hwaseong plant, South Korea, integrates a hybrid powertrain that contributes to optimizing its performance and comfort, as well as contributing to environmental care through its aerodynamic configuration that reduces air resistance, which is translates into lower fuel consumption.

This hybrid configuration vehicle (combination of the 1.6-liter Atkinson cycle GDi gasoline engine and electric power source, developing 146 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque), complemented by the dual six-speed DCT transmission, clutch, reports performance of 53 city / 48 highway MPG, a factor that is complemented by seven airbags, including DriveWise system.

The 2021 Hybrid Kia Niro is equipped with regenerative brakes and "Smart" and "ECO" driving modes. The vehicle starts off with electric power and as acceleration increases, it uses the internal combustion engine.

This SUV can go into regenerative mode, which uses the energy of the bearing to charge the battery; in addition to the recharge mode, which uses the energy of the combustion engine to supply the battery.

It has an infotainment center, complemented by a 10.25 ”touch screen, with Android Auto and CarPlay connectivity. It is equipped with 6-speaker audio system, blind spot system; rear view camera with dynamic lines; smart key and power button; parking sensors; cruise control and six-way electronically adjustable driver's seat.

It has a very sizeable cargo capacity, which can grow to 19.4 ft³, 54.5 ft³ with seat area, when folding the second row seats (60/40). This translates into luggage for long trips, of up to two weeks.

By the way, it was in 2016, when KIA introduced it's first dedicated hybrid: the Niro. But now, the talk of the town is the new KIA EV6, which needs to compete with Chevy Bolt, not Tesla.

Do you like the KIA Niro more than the EV6?

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