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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4Matic Coupe Colors and GLC Trim Levels Explained

Some people either like or don't like coupe cars, but the 2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe has a successful combination of style, sportiness and functionality. Let's take a look at the 2020 GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe.


When Mercedes was unveiling the 2020 GLC Coupe, the representative at the presentation said that GLC and the GLC Coupe are now the number one selling model series in Daimler's lineup. Almost 70,000 GLC models were sold here in the United States in 2019. This past week Torque News had an opportunity to test drive the 2020 GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe is delivering the capability of an SUV and emotional appeal of a Coupe.

Is The 2020 Mercedes GLC 300 Coupe a good car?

The 2020 GLC Coupe is a very good pick if one is looking for a luxury SUV in the high-end compact SUV class. In the 2020 model Mercedes has provided many new features, a great infotainment system, solid engine and a quiet cabin. The 2019 GLC was a good car because it had reliable predictability. The 2020 model is not yet rated by the government's 5-star safety rating, but we had a very good experience driving it and expect to have reliable ratings just like the 2019 model.

The difference between GLC 300 and GLC 300 4MATIC

When you see 4MATIC that means it engages all four wheels of the car. As a result it provides better control of the vehicle regardless of the road conditions. The GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe comes with standard all-wheel drive. Most of the other performance features are the same between these two types.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Coupe Trims

Mercedes has four trim levels for the 2020 GLC and AMG Coupe. These trims are GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe, AMG GLC 43 Coupe, AMG GLC 63 Coupe, and AMG GLC 63 S Coupe. All of the GLC 300 Coupe models come with 4MATIC all-wheel-drive.

The 2020 300 4MATIC Coupe style's starting price is $50,000. The MPG is 21/28 city/higway. The engine is Turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder/255 horsepower. It seats 5 people, is 4MATIC and has nine-speed automatic transmission.

The 2020 63 4MATIC Coupe starts at $74,100. The MPG is lower than the 300 4MATIC Coupe with 16/22. But it has a V8/469 horsepower engine. The 63 Coupe is AWD, seats 5 people and again has nine-speed automatic transmission.

There is also the S version of the 63 Coupe called the 63 S 4MATIC Coupe. The starting price of this trim is $81,800 and has a city/highway MPG of 16/22. The engine is V8, but has more horsepower at 503HP. This trim also comes in nine-speed automatic transmission, seats 5 people and is all-wheel drive.

The Exterior of the 2020 GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe

The exterior of the 2020 GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe is simply very beautiful. You get the swift dynamics of the Coupe and the charismatic look of an SUV. Mercedes has successfully intermarried these two principes and achieve harmony in GLC 300 Coupe's exterior design.

The design is truly expressive. The roof is smooth. Since the car is a Coupe it gravitates the GLC to the ground, dynamizes its silhouette and gives the vehicle a sporty look. The front end is powerfully dominant, which is left unchanged from the GLC crossover. Sleek styling from the grille and LED headlights to the LED taillights give the 2020 GLC 300 Coupe a new shine.

2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe designo cardinal red metallic rear viewThe Interior of the 2020 GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe

The interior is artfully designed. Inside, there are several centers of gravity: the latest digital dashboard, 10.25-inch display of the MBUX multimedia system and a massive center console with three large ventilation ducts.

The MBUX screen dominates, which is emphasized by two narrow rows of buttons located just below: for climate control and quick access to the main functions. Despite the fact that the climate and other systems can be controlled directly through the touchscreen of the multimedia, duplication with buttons turned out to be very appropriate and convenient while driving.

2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe designo cardinal red metallic interior front

I will call the location of the emergency stop signal button controversial. It is as far removed from the driver as possible, not allocated among others, at least in size. This decision by Mercedes designer seemed strange to me as in one point I needed to quickly enable it and it took me some time to find it. From the new owners of the GLC Coupe, it will require getting used to, and I would recommend them, right after the purchase, to practice a bit in quickly turning on the emergency signal button.

Impeccable finishing materials are responsible for the feeling of premiumness of the interior of the 300 4MATIC Coupe. The artificial leather and abundant piano-lacquer inserts on the center console and on the steering wheel speak highly of this car.

The GLC Coupe impresses with its innovative assistant systems. Electronic assistants have been improved. The use of the DISTRONIC active distance control system for the vehicle in front and the ACTIVE STEER ASSIST lane keeping system are complemented by the ACTIVE BRAKE ASSIST switch-off function, which automatically brakes the car if the driver allows access to the oncoming lane. And the assistants can be customized.

2020 mercedes benz glc 300 4matic coupe driver dashboard

A new 10.25-inch central touchscreen and available 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster highlight the interior of the 2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe.

2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe designo cardinal red metallic infotainment screenThe Exterior Colors of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe

The 2020 GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe is available in 12 colors. These colors are the Black, Polar White, Obsidian Black Metallic, Iridium Silver Metallic, Mojave Silver Metallic, Lunar Blue Metallic, Brilliant Blue Metallic, Selenite Grey Metallic, Designo Cardinal Red Metallic, Designo Diamond White Metallic, Graphite Grey Metallic and the Selenite Grey Magno.

Our verdict is that the 2020 Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC coupe is a good car. In my personal opinion it was a better car than the much-more-expensive 2020 BMW X4 M Competition, which we reviewed two weeks ago.

Some people like the Coupe versions, others don't. No matter how good is the car, just because it has coupe-shaped some people won't like it. Yet, for some car owners and enthusiasts the Coupe-shaped body is an advantage.

There is much more to like about this car. It's luxurious, sporty and gives you a smooth ride. It has excellent power, handling ride and AWD. Let us know your opinion in the comments below, especially if you have test-driven one.

See you in my next story where I am reviewing the trims, configurations and the price of the 2020 Hyundai Santa FE and compare it with Mercedes and BMW.

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