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Toyota To Unveil Ractis for Japan with Left Hand Drive

Judging from the images, posted on Toyota's Japanese website, the new Ractis may be a left hand drive. It does not seem surprising for the American and most of the European drivers, but this version of Ractis is for the Japan, where the drivers run their cars on the right side.

On November 22, Toyota will present at the Japanese domestic market a new generation of hatchback Toyota Ractis. Its European counterpart Toyota Verso-S has debuted on Sept. 30.

The automaker may just have put the Ractis' European images on its Japanese site

Toyota this time did not trouble itself to release the technical characteristics of the new car. Instead it just submitted the images in its promo-site. This is where we found that Toyota Ractis in Japan will be left-hand drive. However, most likely this is a mistake on Toyota's part. This may have just been a sign of laziness and it's possible that the web-team has posted the left-handed version of Veso-S, which debuted in Europe in late September. In fact, in Japan the left-handed cars have traditionally been considered a sign of their owners' prosperity.

Thus, it is safe to assume that the Japanese version of the Verso-S, i.e. Ractis, will mostly be the repetition of its European brother.

Accoreding to Drom Ractis is expected to reach a maximum of 100 horse power. This is the same engine size with which Toyota has equipped its micro-car iQ and Avensis sedan. The engine will consume approximately 1.45 gallons of gas per 62 miles.

Image Source Toyota


jenner Thomas (not verified)    September 26, 2017 - 6:27PM

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