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Watch How This Challenger V6 hit the 12 second mark

2012 Dodge Challenger SRT

One rare bird right here folks, it's a 2012 3.6L Dodge Challenger with 440 RWHP. On street tires and 93 octane this car just hit the 12 second mark in the quarter mile and obtained it with a Tidalwave Supercharger kit and their new front mount intercooler set up. And a special thanks goes out to Brent Hughes at DTP Racing for the amazing tune that he provided. The car is a daily driver and is still getting 25 MPG.

I started this project about a year ago and worked all spring to break into the 12s. It really didn't break the bank either, it only cost me about 5500 dollars to achieve my goal. I'm a member of North East Ohio Mopars and all the members are very impressed with my results. The car has a friendly rivalry with a local SRT called the Reaper, we are always having a blast at the local track.

Written and submitted by Jason Biery.

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