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Uncovering Tesla's 2023: A Pre-Look At The Automaker's Packed Schedule

Uncovering Tesla's 2023: A Pre-Look At The Automaker's Packed Schedule

Tesla already has a full plate for 2023. Even without the Q4 2022 delivery numbers, the company aims to grow another 50% this year. In this report let's look at Tesla's 2023 schedule, see what we can expect and how full Tesla's plate is in 2023. As I tell you this story, please Like this video if you find it informative and helpful to make decisions.

What will Tesla do in 2023?

I would say the biggest expectation from Tesla's 2023 schedule is that Tesla aims to start the Cybertruck’s initial production at Giga Texas, and might deliver a few Cybertrucks by the end of the year.

Another important item on Tesla's 2023 schedule list is the Model 3 revamp, otherwise known as “Project Highland.”

Yet another area for Tesla is its gigafactories. Tesla is still ramping up production at Giga Texas, Giga Berlin, and its Megafactory. The company’s other factories, including the Fremont Factory, Giga Nevada, and Giga Shanghai, will likely continue to improve and grow. Tesla is also expected to announce the location of its next gigafactory possibly in Mexico, South Korea or Indonesia.

Elon Musk may also give Tesla China boss Tom Zhu more responsibilities at the company, which would be a big transition for Tesla. I reported about this a few days ago, please check out my other videos to stay on top of current daily Tesla news.

Also, see in the insides of Tesla Semi releveled.

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