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Toyota Top Executive Says EVs Are Not for Everyone

Toyota says electric vehicles are not for everyone and offers alternatives

Toyota Chief Scientist Gill Pratt says not everyone should drive a BEV to combat climate change.

Reurters Reports:

"Many people are passionate about climate change, but not everybody should drive a battery electric vehicle as a means to combat climate change, Toyota Motor Corp Chief Scientist Gill Pratt said on Thursday at the Reuters Events Automotive Summit. Pratt’s comments, during a discussion on electric vehicles, appeared to amplify remarks made over the past year by Toyota President Akio Toyoda. Toyoda and other company officials have said that electric vehicles will play a greater role in reducing emissions, but other solutions should be used, Toyota’s gasoline-electric hybrid models or hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles."

At Thursday’s conference, Pratt said Toyota believes in “diversity of drivetrains” to give customers different tools to reduce CO2. “It’s not for us to predict which solution is the best or say only this will work,” he said.

Some other solutions that Toyota suggests are gasoline-electric hybrid models or hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles.

Also, see Toyota's gamechanging patent technology allowing car-to-car charging on the move.

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