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There May Be More Procedures Against Tesla Giga Berlin

The showdown to the Tesla Giga Berlin is over. The Tesla critics put forward their objections for eight days. Is the company's schedule still faltering?

After eight days of marathon discussion at the planned Tesla Giga Berlin in Grünheide, Brandenburg, instead of the previously planned three days, everyone looked exhausted and relieved on Friday. The Berlin Tagesspiegel reported on this at the weekend - but the resistance of environmental groups against the project does not end there. On the one hand, the representative of a local initiative said afterward that the event should actually have been continued and announced that action might be taken against the "premature" end. And several associations requested the re-interpretation of the changed Tesla plans for the project, which would probably require further discussion. In addition to this, Grunheide wants to change the development plan for Tesla Giga Berlin.

The third interpretation of Tesla plans?

Tesla Mag reports that, after some confusion, especially on the first day, the prescribed discussion of previously submitted written objections to the Tesla project east of Berlin found itself in a more orderly manner but still took significantly longer than planned. The first meeting leader retired exhausted after the first three days. On Friday evening, his successor declared the hearing of the Tesla critics over - but that already met with resistance. According to a report by the RBB from the Grünheide citizens' initiative, the termination was prematurely under pressure from the Brandenburg Environment Ministry.

The initiative reserved the right to take legal action against it. In addition, together with environmental associations, according to Tagesspiegel , while the discussion was still going on, she applied for Tesla to have to redesign the current plans for its Giga Berlin EV factory. That had already happened twice: for the first time this January according to the status at the time and then again in June because Tesla had rescheduled parts of the foundations - after initial criticism - had reduced the water requirement. This made new objections possible, which have now been discussed together with those regarding the first version.

According to the chairman of the meeting on Friday, the State Environment Agency will now decide with the necessary calm about the requirement to interpret the Tesla plans a third time, which would then probably require a second hearing after the new deadlines. The same applies to the other points presented during the marathon date. The Tagesspiegel sees in the possible renewed interpretation the danger that Tesla's schedule for the Gigafactory “could still tip over”, but does not give any details.

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