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Grunheide Wants To Change The Development Plan for Tesla Giga Berlin

In the town hall of Grünheide, the draft of a modified development plan for the Tesla industrial park has been publicly available since Friday. The so-called B-Plan for the industrial park Freienbrink Nord is a kind of municipal law. It regulates what is allowed in buildings, traffic facilities and interventions in the environment on the site.

Not only the Tesla construction site is considered, but the entire industrial park in context, around 300 hectares in total.

The plan was drawn up around the turn of the millennium in connection with the ultimately failed BMW settlement. Now it is being adapted for Tesla.

The main reasons for the plan changes are the adjustments to the transport infrastructure, said Mayor Arne Christiani to the RBB 24.

In order to cope with these increases in capacity, a long-distance water pipeline is to be built to Pohlitz near Eisenhüttenstadt. Its approval has already been clarified with the State Environment Agency, the line should be ready in 2023. In addition, a reservoir at Spitzmühle-West near Strausberg is to be developed. Additional capacities are available in Hangelsberg, Fürstenwalde and Müncheberg. A total of 15.3 million cubic meters per year are available from various sources, so that "the water supply for the entire industrial area can be fully guaranteed."

The community decides on November 26th

The plan will be publicly displayed in Grünheide's town hall for a month. Environmental associations and other public bodies can formulate their objections during this time.

The new plan regulates, among other things, that a road bridge can lead over the RE1 stop in Fangschleuse and another road can be built parallel to the railway line. The development plan also allows the factory to consume more water in the final stage: in addition to the approved 1.45 million, another 2.15 million cubic meters should be allowed.

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