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Tesla's New Solar Roof Installation Referral Program


If things go in the right direction Tesla may surprise Wall Street again with its Energy program as first, it lowered the price of solar roof and panel installations and now doubles the referral reward.

As per Tesla’s page for its referral program, customers who use the referral link of an existing customer would receive a $100 award after the activation of their residential solar or Solar Roof system. Existing customers, on the other hand, would receive a $400 award for every solar referral. Once a customer’s solar referrals hit 10 and above, a Powerwall would be awarded for free.

“Anyone using your referral link can earn a $100 award after system activation for solar panels or Solar Roof to reduce reliance on the grid and produce clean solar energy. You will earn a $400 award for each solar referral. Additionally, you will earn one Powerwall for 10 or more solar referrals, limited to one award,” Tesla wrote.

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