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Tesla's New Permit May Point To The Start of Giga Berlin Battery Factory


Tesla Giga Berlin today received a new permit to begin the second phase of deforestation at Giga Berlin, which we think is to start the world's largest EV battery factory as Giga Berlin Phase 2.

Today, in Potsdam, Brandenburg's State Office of Environment has released a statement granting Tesla a special early start permission to clear forest areas necessary for Giga Berlin factory's storage areas and pipeline systems.

"The State Office for the Environment (LfU) today approved the early start in accordance with Section 8a of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) for the clearing of further forest areas for the construction of pipeline systems and storage areas on the Tesla premises in Grünheide / Mark," reads the statement from LFU.

In order to avoid errors and confusion, let me explain the difference between Immission and Emission. "When talking about air quality and air pollution, it is usual to refer to immission vs emission, two concepts that, sometimes, lead to error. Their mention in the normative field is quite common, but they do not mean the same and they do not even have to keep a direct relationship," explains Enviraiot.

The area to be cleared covers 82.8 hectares. The scope of the application submitted by Tesla at the end of August 2020 was reduced several times to the measures and areas that are absolutely necessary at the present time, reads the statement.

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