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Tesla Shows a Sea of Giga Texas Model Ys with Black-Blue Transition

Tesla Model Y produced at Giga Texas

Today Tesla blogger Jeff Roberts, who regularly posts images and videos about Tesla's Giga Texas progress from Austin, posted this interesting image from Giga Texas calling it a sea of Model Ys at Giga Texas. Indeed, Tesla Giga Texas shows more and more Model Ys, signaling the imminent opening and production of Tesla's Gigafactory in Austin, which once was called the Cybertruck Gigafactory.

What do you think of these Model Ys parked at Giga Texas parking lot? Are they standard range AWD? Some people say they seem to have Dual Motor badgets, but I can't see any other telling signs about the battery.

You know, at Giga Berlin, they all seem to be black color Model Ys, while at Giga Texas it’s nice to see some blue colors.

Here we go, I hope you will enjoy this precision parking of Model Ys photographed at Giga Berlin with this somewhat haphazard parking at Texas.

You know, how come Tesla doesn’t make or show any red color Model Y vehicles at any of these new gigafactory parking lots? Any ideas on this?

Also, notice how the black/blue transition makes the black appear to have a greenish tint. Do you see it the same way?

Update: A user named Tom Huggins just commented under our Youtube channel and wrote "I think SR+ is probably the version of model Y they are building in Berlin. Berlin is going to have front and rear castings with a structural pack, but that pack will have 2170 cells, because Berlin does not have 4680’s. 2170’s have less energy capacity, and take up more space than 4680’s. So it makes sense that the structural pack designed for 4680’s. Will have lower capacity when filled with 2170’s."

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Mike (not verified)    March 18, 2022 - 10:31PM

Wow, lots of drama for the 35 or cars that are parked there. Yes that’s all. I drive by the plant daily