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Tesla Revs Up CyberTruck Production with 4 Huge Deliveries to Giga Texas"

Tesla Revs Up CyberTruck Production with 4 Huge Deliveries to Giga Texas"


Yesterday's shipment of four massive packages from IDRA to Gigafactory Texas has sparked a lot of speculation as Cybertruck production nears. If the machines in the packages are what it seems, Tesla could be preparing to start production of its electric pickup in the near future.

It's no secret that Tesla has been working with IDRA for several years to solve production issues. Now, the Italian firm's heavy machinery could be seeing use in building the first batches of the Cybertruck. The day of seeing hundreds of the electric pickups parked at Giga Texas is fast approaching.

All eyes are now on the Gigafactory Texas as the long-awaited first production of the Cybertruck begins. Those who have reserved a spot in line for the optimistic pickup can rest assured that Tesla is moving full steam ahead toward the delivery of their vehicles. As the production nears completion, the anticipation of all Cybertruck reservation holders is palpable.

"6 Jan 2023 Giga Texas ... Anyone know what these huge IDRA marked deliveries are? I've heard people are waiting for more parts of the 9K ton Giga Press to arrive ... you think these might be them?," Tegtmeyer tweeted asking on his microblog.

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