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Tesla Reveals an Unconventional Welcome Perspective on Competition

Today TESLA Revealed Its Attitude Toward Competition in 2023


Grace Tao, the Vice President of Tesla, made headlines on January 9th when she spoke to the media about the company’s policy, strategy, and pricing. This was in response to the recent news of price cuts that Tesla has been implementing. Tao discussed Tesla's role in the Chinese automotive market and highlighted how Tesla's only competition lies in the traditional combustion engine vehicles. All other electric vehicles were deemed allies by Tao, according to Auto Report.

Tao stressed the importance of providing customers with access to sustainable, reliable and affordable vehicles. She noted that Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, and that the company will continue to strive to make electric vehicles more accessible to the Chinese population. She discussed the company's plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities in China and highlighted the importance of the country in providing cost-effective solutions to customers.

Tesla recently cutting prices on its vehicles has led to talk about the internal friction between NEV (New Energy Vehicle) manufacturers in China. However, Tao, the Chief Financial Officer of Tesla China, has clarified that their goal is not to create competition among electric vehicle companies, but rather to fight the larger battle against traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE). She said that the consumer ultimately decides what type of vehicle they prefer, and if they choose an electric vehicle, they will then choose the specific make and model. What Tesla aims to do is to work together with other electric vehicle companies to make the best-in-class products and meet the needs of customers in different markets. This is especially important in light of the increasing global commitment to reducing carbon emissions and moving away from fossil fuels.

Tesla is committed to this movement, and wants to ensure that electric vehicles become the more attractive option for consumers. As a result, Tesla not only offers their own cars, but are also producing batteries and chargers for other electric vehicle companies, and are even entering partnerships with other Great Wall Motors in order to accelerate the transition to electric power. Ultimately, Tesla's cutting prices is about creating a more competitive market for electric vehicles, no matter the brand, to be better able to compete with traditional ICE vehicles.

Furthermore, Tao emphasized that Tesla will continue to focus on product and technology innovation in order to remain competitive in the industry. She highlighted the need for the company to collaborate with and lean on partners to stay at the forefront of developing technology and trends. Tao concluded that despite the recent challenges, Tesla is still dedicated to fostering a successful and innovative eco-system in the Chinese automotive market.

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