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Tesla Opens the 20th Store in Shanghai Alone

Watch how Tesla is opening its 20th Tesla Center in Shanghai. This is at the Shanghai Expo.

Now there are 20 centers in Shanghai. According to Tesla China’s official website, there are now 157 Tesla centers and experience stores in China.

Tesla opening its 20th store in Shanghai video is shared by @42HOW Twitter user and our friend Ray who tweets at @Ray4Tesla.

Tesla continues to expand its presence in China, opening several new Integrated Experience Centers as demand continues to grow in an astonishing speed.

Tesla has already started making the Model Y in Shanghai.

The First Customer Deliveries Expected in Early 2021

This production, which seems anticipated, follows the agreement of the Chinese government for the marketing of the Model Y in the Middle Empire. According to Electrek, the first copies would be intended for Tesla employees in China. The first customers will be able to take possession of their copy from the first quarter of 2021, that is to say, a few weeks in advance of forecasts.

The Tesla Model Y should quickly find success, especially in China where demand is growing. According to Tianfeng Securities, the Model Y could be around 30,000 units per month when the entry-level version becomes available on the market. That's three times the current pace of the Tesla Model 3. In fact, more than half of the Tesla models in 2021 will be produced in China.

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