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Tesla Night Loading Giga Shanghai Vehicles at Shanghai South Port Terminal

Tesla Night Loading at Shanghai South Port Terminal


Tesla Giga Shanghai drone operator Wu Wa has shared a video in which he shows how Tesla trucks from Giga Shanghai carry and load Tesla vehicles at the Shanghai South Port Terminal. You are watching the promenade that connects the sea terminal to the mainland port. You are seeing a Tesla delivery truck driving and carrying Tesla vehicles.

"Apparently, such a transport method is different from the previous ones. It is possible that at night, when the workers of the dock operation have rested, the Tesla is unloaded directly to the dock at sea, so that it is close to the ro-ro ship and the workers can drive the Tesla directly into the ro-ro ship when they go to work tomorrow morning," Wu Wa thinks.

We don't know where this ship is destined to go and where it will delivery Giga Shanghai Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles.

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