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Tesla Model Y Range With BYD Battery Is Revealed and Has a Nice Range Surprise

New Tesla Model Y from Giga Berlin with BYD battery range is 59 kWh

Tesla's latest production of the Model Y electric SUV has brought with it some exciting developments. With a new battery supplier in BYD and a wider range of color options, the new Model Y is set to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market.

One of the most significant changes in the new Model Y is the battery supplier. BYD, a major Tesla competitor and the world's second-biggest battery maker, has been rumored to become Tesla's fourth battery supplier for some time. This was confirmed when the first Model Y batches with BYD's structural LFP battery pack appeared on the conveyor belts at Tesla's Giga Berlin factory.

Initial concerns were raised about the range of the new batches, with the regulatory database suggesting a 55 kWh capacity, compared to the 60 kWh of the current Chinese version of the Tesla Model Y with CATL LFP cells. However, recent buyer reports have indicated that the actual battery capacity of the BYD 7C LFP structural battery pack is 59 kWh. This means that the range of the new Model Y should be the same as the version with CATL battery - 455 km (282 miles) on the WLTP cycle - provided that the Model Y with BYD cells is on 19" wheels.

According to their Tesla Advisor, the "YSR from GH is structurally in no way different from the Shanghai model," while the actual battery capacity of the BYD 7C LFP structural battery pack turned out to be 59 kWh.

The BYD battery pack used in the Model Y is not only comparable in range to other versions, but it also has some significant safety advantages, despite previously reported fire issues. The LFP cells used in the BYD blade battery pack can be easily charged to the maximum all the time with no significant degradation, making them much safer than other types of batteries. Additionally, BYD's battery pack has undergone a range of extreme tests, including nail penetration tests, crushing, bending, and being heated in a furnace to 300°C, with no resulting fire or explosion.

Aside from the new battery supplier, the Model Y is also being produced in a range of new colors, including the long-awaited Midnight Cherry Red. This color option is now available in the Berlin factory and has been well-received by Tesla enthusiasts. The Model Y's new color options are set to be a hit in the US market, with Tesla confirming that some of the new multi-coat hues will be coming to the US.

Overall, Tesla's production of the new Model Y with the BYD battery pack and wider range of colors is an exciting development in the electric vehicle market. With comparable range and superior safety features, the Model Y is set to be a popular choice for environmentally-conscious drivers looking to switch to electric vehicles.

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