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Tesla Model 3's Astonishing Long Trip with FSD

Tesla's Full-Self Driving feature showcased a remarkable achievement driving a Model 3 from LA to Silicon Valley with zero human intervention. That's a 358-mile trip across California with almost no human intervention.

"Tesla Autopilot FSD Beta drives from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley with zero interventions. Started at SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles (Hawthorne) and made one charging stop in Kettleman City before arriving in San Jose. Absolutely 0 human driving for the entire 6 hour trip. Only thing the driver had to do was charge the car –– about 1 minute and 15 seconds of human control over a 6 hour drive. The fact that it made it all the way down to Los Angeles and then back up with zero intervention suggests that this is more than just luck. The software is getting better. This drive was even better than the last one, although there were still many mistakes and areas for improvement that didn't require a disengagement. Can you spot them? Will try and post raw 1x footage if I can as well," wrote Whole Mars Catalog on his Youtube Channel, the video reference of which is below.

Tesla’s FSD feature has only been released for a few months to a limited number of careful Tesla drivers in a Beta Test, but the improvements in the advanced driver-assist suite’s capabilities have been significant. "This is largely due to Tesla’s constant stream of over-the-air updates that include improvements for the FSD beta, as well as the massive amount of real-world driving data gathered by the growing Tesla fleet every day," writes Maria Merano at

This is an incredible achievement by Tesla full-self driving feature and you can see the FSD has been improving week by week, if you have watched other Beta testers. FSD is showing steady improvements and capability.

Speaking of Tesla FSD, see how Walmart now directly competes with Tesla in the area of autonomy.

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