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Tesla May Be Adding a New Color Model Y To Giga Texas

Tesla new white Model Y from Giga Texas

Something new is happening at Tesla's Giga Texas Gigafactory in Austin. First fully-built white Tesla Model Y spotted outside Giga Texas.

Jeff Roberts, who regularly posts Giga Texas updates, shared an image, displayed by Tesla, which shows a new white color Model Y from Giga Texas.

Does this mean that we have another color Model Y coming out of Giga Texas now?

We wrote recently about Tesla's new Model Y with 279 miles of range. Tesla could have made a new Model Y standard range will use 4680 batteries from Giga Texas. Tesla could use nickel batteries for long range and LFP batteries for standard range vehicles. Tesla could eventually bring about the $25,000 compact vehicle which most everyone could afford, given finance approving. This is all fine in a perfect world.

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