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Tesla Has a New Technology for Cybertruck To Reduce Power Consumption

Tesla Has a New Technology for Cybertruck To Reduce Power Consumption

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces the use of a new wiring system architecture for upcoming Tesla electric vehicles including the Cybertruck. Let's see what advantages it should bring to Cybertruck and the new unannounced vehicles.

At Tesla's annual shareholders' meeting in Austin (Texas, USA), Managing Director Elon Musk again gave interesting insights into the future of the US electric car manufacturer. The 51-year-old announced about two new models , one of which could be an inexpensive compact model.

In addition, another announcement caused a stir: During a brief summary of the third part of the Tesla master plan, Musk confirmed the use of a new control electronics platform that had already been announced in March 2023. Tesla will probably be the first carmaker in a long time to use a 48-volt instead of the conventional 12-volt car battery, Musk said.

48-volt architecture: Teslas soon to be lighter?

As a result, the US company promises significant improvements. According to Musk, using a 48-volt car battery requires about a quarter of the copper required for a 12-volt battery system. According to the " " portal, Tesla currently uses up to 180 lbs of copper per model to connect the 12-volt batteries of its electric vehicles to the electronics.

Thus, a reduced demand for copper could therefore have a positive effect on the weight of future Teslas.

New architecture reduces power consumption.

In addition, the use of a 48-volt system makes it possible to reduce the power consumption of the on-board network by a factor of four and power loss by a factor of 16, as Pete Bannon, Vice President of Low Voltage and Silicon Engineering at Tesla, said during Tesla Investors Day declared in March 2023. The new 48-volt architecture is to be used in the Cybertruck, Tesla's humanoid robot Optimus and future Tesla models. A date for the unveiling of the latter has not yet been set.

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