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Tesla Buys More Land in Austin and Makes First Concrete Footer fo Giga Berlin's Foundation


There is a huge development at Tesla Giga Texas in the past 24 hours as rebar has been delivered, first concrete footers are already being made and concrete is being poured. This is on the day 64th day of Tesla's Giga Texas construction.

Also, we learned that Tesla bought more land in Austin. Could it be for Tesla to possibly move its headquarters to Austin?

Torque news friend Joe Tegtmeyer shared this video of Tesla Giga Texas showing the first concrete footers on which Tesla will build its new Gigafactory.

Joe writes, "Major news is that rebar, footings, and concrete application have already begun at Giga Texas in just the past 24 hours! This is about a week earlier than what had been expected and is an indicator that they are really moving quickly with construction. In addition, a mobile concrete batch plant is being built in the north pad area to help meet the need for Giga Texas concrete work soon.

"Keystone is the contractor installing the rebar and concrete footers as well as the main foundation itself. Martin Marietta is setting up the mobile batch plant in addition to their on-site permanent batch plant, and it appears that they have brought in a large number of cement trucks recently. We also learned recently that Jacobs Engineering and Yates Construction have joined in the construction efforts at Giga Texas."

Interestingly The Statesman reports that Tesla is buying more land in the Austin area.

"Continuing at full speed with the development of its electric vehicle assembly plant in southeastern Travis County, Tesla recently purchased 381 acres adjacent to its existing 2,100-acre site at Harold Green Road and Texas 130, deed records show. Tesla also is believed to be pursuing additional land purchases in Southeast Austin along the Texas 130 corridor, according to local real estate developers knowledgeable about the area," the Statesman reports.

Do you think this additional land buying is for Tesla to move its headquarters to Austin?

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