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Tesla To Build a Battery Factory at Giga Texas


All signs point to Tesla building its own Battery Factory at Gigafactory Texas in Austin.

We just learned that Tesla will have its own battery production facility at the Gigafactory Texas as Tesla Gigafactory Texas battery-related job opening was recently posted by the electric car maker in its Careers page and shared by Automotive President Jerome Guillen via his official LinkedIn account.

According Tesla's announcement, "Tesla is looking for a highly motivated Manufacturing Engineering Manager to create, develop, and take on responsibility for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for one of the most complex and challenging components of the electric car - our next generation of Battery Modules."

According to the role's description, the Battery Manufacturing Engineering Manager will develop and be responsible for Tesla’s manufacturing processes, relating to the company’s “next generation Battery Modules.” The description suggests that Tesla wants a plan set for the development of its structural battery pack that will feature the company’s 4680 cells when operations at Gigafactory Texas begin.

Tesla is looking for leadership capacity to to clearly define expectations for the engineering team, design development responsibilities to take manufacturing responsibility of next generation battery components and manufacturing line development, to research and develop new state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Recently we learned that Giga Berlin will have its own Battery production, which Elon Musk, said will be the world's largest. Now, we are learning that Giga Texas will also produce Tesla's own batteries. Does this mean each Gigafactory one day will have its own battery production and Tesla may gradually phase out other battery producers like Panasonic, CATL and LG Chem?

As it's shown in our friend Joe Tegtmeyer's recent video, it looks like Giga Texas is on track to be up and running by the end of 2021 and meet Tesla’s start-of-operation goal. The Austin-based Tesla Gigafactory is expected to start operations with Model Y production, shortly followed by Cybertruck production.

There is new development at Giga Berlin as well. Tesla just got a permit to build its own highway exit at Giga Berlin. It's a temporary exit and Tesla will pay for it.

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