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The Strange and Effective Way Tesla FSD Can Help In Future Electric Shortages

Tesla Semi and Cybertruck role during power outage

How Tesla FSD-powered Cybertruck and Tesla Semi will help when a major city has electric power shortage.

"In future electric shortages, autonomous Tesla Cybertrucks and Tesla Semis will bring power in on trucks," writes Whole Mars Catalog Twitter user, who has been providing reliable insights about Tesla. This is how our lives will change once Tesla goes public with its full-self driving. Do you remember Texas freezing and power outage?

Imagine if lots of self-driving Tesla Cybertrucks and autonomous Semi trucks could bring power to freezing homes and help families. Self driving Tesla cars can do great things for rapid response for aid workers.

Even if it can’t do the last mile itself due to obstructions, could be easy to send 100 semis to just outside the town for a waiting group of local emergency services.

Other people suggest converting school buses into battery electric vehicles. They says not only its better for air quality, but also school buses can be used as mobile power packs during day to supply power to schools, used during disasters or summer peak needs.

This idea can potentially give states to buy more Tesla Semis and Cybertrucks, and have them on the side for emergencies. Just the Cybertruck alone, is expected to impact the world through its versatility.

The reverse argument applies as well. A user, named Jason Chen, commented under my video report on the subject and writes "wide spread prolong power outage means all these EV can not be recharged." This is true, but we hardly have prolonged outages. Usually those go for hours or a day maximum.

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