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Pepsi Tesla Semi Out Doing Its Thing in The Wild

Pepsi Tesla Semi Out Doing Its Thing in The Wild

The internet is abuzz with excitement as an image of the Pepsi Tesla Semi "out doing its thing in the wild" went viral on Reddit (by r/buttery_nurple). This groundbreaking partnership between two industry giants Tesla and Pepsico has sparked a heated discussion among car enthusiasts, technology experts, and environmentalists alike.

Recently PepsiCo unveiled a fleet of 18 Tesla Semi in Sacramento.

PepsiCo's partnership with Tesla has been generating a lot of buzz since the beverage giant placed an order for 100 Tesla Semis back in 2017. After years of waiting, Tesla finally began delivering the electric trucks on December 2, 2022, but the initial production rate is very limited. Despite this setback, PepsiCo is forging ahead with its plans to integrate the Tesla Semis into its delivery fleet.

According to media reports, PepsiCo plans to use 21 Tesla Semis for local deliveries of Pepsi products at its Sacramento plant. Another 15 vehicles will be utilized at PepsiCo's Frito-Lay manufacturing plant in Modesto, California. To prepare for the electrification, PepsiCo installed high-power DC fast charging stations at both locations. Media reports mentions that four 750-kilowatt (kW) charging stalls are available at each station, which are visually similar to the V4 Superchargers. These charging stations, often referred to as Megachargers, have the ability to provide megawatt-level charging capability. Sadly, we don't know the specific details about the stations or the charging connector.

One of the most interesting aspects of this partnership is that the initial purchase of Tesla Semis by PepsiCo was partially funded by state and federal grants. The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District paid for 18 of the 21 trucks that will be used at the South Sacramento bottling plant with $4.5 million in grants. Additionally, PepsiCo received a total of $15 million in state and local grants for the vehicles and charging infrastructure in both Sacramento and Modesto, plus $40,000 per vehicle from the federal government. With such significant financial support, it's clear that other fleets will also be incentivized to switch to electric.

The comments on this Reddit post are wide-ranging and offer a diverse array of perspectives on the Pepsi Tesla Semi. Some users are impressed by Tesla Semi's speed and efficiency, while others express concerns about its environmental impact and long-term sustainability. One user remarks that "this is the future," while another suggests that "we need to start investing in renewable energy sources to power these vehicles."

In my opinion the Pepsi Tesla Semi is a groundbreaking innovation that represents the intersection of technology, business, and environmental sustainability.

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